An Evening with Peter Sotos at Atomic Books – Saturday, April 13

Peter Sotos

Yeah, this is happening.

Peter and I did this thing a few weeks back at Quimby's in Chicago, and by most accounts it went well enough. So we're doing it again — this time at the great Atomic Books in Baltimore (the same venue that graciously hosted Nine-Banded author, Mikita Brottman, upon the release of her fine book, Thirteen Girls, which you should read).

The present occasion is the concurrent release of two books by Peter — Tool. and Mine. I will introduce Peter and, if we are to follow the Quimby's template, I may also have a few semi-coherent remarks concerning the curatorial role of independent publishers — and Nine-Banded Books specifically — in promoting controversial and overlooked literature during these precious latter days of the post-Gutenberg era. Peter will talk about his work and show a short film, and he will of course be available to sign books that you can mark up and sell on eBay when the rent is due.

Anything else to note? Only that Mikita is expected to be there, along with Kevin Slaughter ("The Chip Kidd of underground book design®" who also runs the always interesting publishing venture, Underworld Amusements). Oh, and I'm to understand that "adult  beverages" (we're all adults here, yes?) will be on offer, compliments of the house.

Anyway, the festivities are scheduled to begin at around 7pm on Saturday, April 13. Here's the Atomic Books Facebook page for the event. And here's the announcement on their website. Please do try to come if you're in the neighborhood and have some idea of what you're signing on for.

Memento mori.


5 thoughts on “An Evening with Peter Sotos at Atomic Books – Saturday, April 13

  1. If I had vacation time to take right now I’d want to fly over there… still pissed at my absent-minded-professor self for missing his reading in my own backyard. (Peter read in Chicago late March, and I’d known when he was coming for months and had been looking forward to it… but my brain filed the event as “in the spring” and it failed to pop up on my mental calendar due to the fact that winter still was, and in fact still is, lying like a damp cold blanket of stupid over this godforsaken city.) Have fun!

  2. The most interesting thing about Peter Sotos is that his surname is a palindrome.
    The second most interesting thing about Peter Sotos is the question of precisely what kind of brain damage he has.
    I can’t think of anything else interesting about Peter Sotos. My advice: Enjoy his dark’n’dangerous depravity while you can, transgressophiles, because he won’t matter for much longer. But, as hyper-intelligent, hyper-informed hyper-adults, you already knew that, didn’t you?

  3. Leslie: It was great meeting you and hanging out after. Thanks so much for coming.
    Madam Adam: I do love palindromes, my favorite being: “Ah, Satan sees Natasha.” As to the particular strain of brain damage that afflicts Peter Sotos, I think it’s called “consciousness.”

  4. I was surprised at the Chicago event that Sotos screened that compilation. Then I was more surprised that some parent brought their kid.

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