The Myth of Natural Rights and Other Essays

The kittens are restive, so I thought I’d go ahead and announce that Nine-Banded Books will soon release The Myth of Natural Rights and Other Essays, a meaty collection of shibboleth-smashing performance pieces by the reclusive libertarian iconoclast, L.A. Rollins.   

Originally published by Loompanics Unlimited in 1983, the central
monograph is a two-fisted display of lib-targeted philosophical shit-stirring that holds up
well after 25 years. In its previous incarnation, The Myth provoked a fair amount of measured praise along with entertaining fits of blustery outrage among libertarian stalwarts and natural law votaries, with much of the tooth-gnashing playing out in the pages of the  Sam Konkin’s old New Libertarian magazine. Rollins’ thesis also famously prompted movement luminary Murray Rothbard to pen a delightfully
truculent head-in-the-sand essay enjoining "The Duty of Natural Outlaws to
Shut Up," and it inspired Robert Anton Wilson to publish a lively book-length companion essay entitled Natural Law: Or Don’t Put a Rubber on Your Willy.   

The Nine-Banded reprint will be padded with scads of  new material, including a duo of essays outlining Mr. Rollins’ stigma-courting zetetic stance on
Holocaust revisionism as well as a salubrious sampling of new and old satirical spleen in the spirit of Lucifer’s Lexicon.  The post-paleo-libertarian-Stirnerite, TGGP, has also written a razor-sharp intro that brings the project into contemporary perspective while succinctly underscoring the timeless relevance of  Saint Max. It’s going to be a cool book, kids.  We’re still dressing things up, but one way or another, I expect to have The Myth
to press by June, and I’ll be sure post more detailed information here and at the 9BB site as the project develops.

Memento mori.

Gary Brecher and the Redemption of Soft Skull

Soft Skull lost major Hog points when they republished  unrepentant antigunner Michael Bellesiles’s Arming America, but even with this shamelessly shoddy, obsessively discredited pseudohistorical screed staining their catalog, those metrohipster pinkos now stand partially redeemed. From the blogging dynamo — and soon-to-be Nine-Banded Books contributor — TGGP comes news that  the doyennes of indie-publishing will soon be releasing the first anthology of writings by the great "Gary Brecher" aka "The War Nerd" — whoever he is. Can’t help wondering if the inexplicably hiatused  eXile staffer, John Dolan, may have penned an introduction.

In less conspicuous indie-press news, Nine-Banded Books is pleased to announce that Bradley Smith’s The Man Who Saw His Own Liver is at last off the press and in stock.  Intrepid bibliophiles can order copies through 9BB or Amazon, or you can always contact me for an autographed copy.  Our next title is tentatively slated for release in May.  I hope to have a formal announcement up in the next week or so.         

(My all time favorite War Nerd columns, by the way, are here and here.)

Memento mori.