Race Differences in Intelligence: An Evolutionary Perspective

Steve Sailer has written an important macro-level review of Richard Lynn’s Race Differences in  Intelligence: An Evolutionary Perspective, which makes an interesting companion to Jason Malloy’s micro-level critique that was posted on GNXP a couple of months back.

From Sailer’s review:

How do

high IQ people
rationalize to themselves suppressing
mention of national differences in average IQ—especially
when they spend so much time thinking about how they,
personally, are smarter than other people?

A common stratagem, I’ve found, is
to assume that IQ differences matter only if they
are genetic in origin. Since no

decent, civilized, right-thinking person

possibly believe
that racial differences in IQ have
any genetic basis, then racial and national differences
in average IQ can’t possibly exist.

Except—they do exist.

And, as I will show that—no matter
what their origin, whether in nature or nurture or
both—these IQ gaps will continue to exist for many

Read the whole thing.


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