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Apropos of the discussion appending my recent "Fag Hag" post, Razib Khan interviews David Sloan Wilson about group selection on Bloggingheads TV. The Kevin MacDonald bogey slithers in at around the 39 minute mark.

I'm busy with 9BB stuff and will have a major announcement "soon."

Memento mori.


5 thoughts on “Must-see TV

  1. Rob,
    Sounds like fun. I’ll throw up a post in the next couple of days.
    As I mentioned in Steve Sailer’s open thread, I thought the best film of 2009 was “Observe and Report,” and I’m not even kidding. Critics are distracted by the raunch, but Jody Hill is three steps ahead of the game. As a character study, O&R reminds me of “Taxi Driver” and Romero’s “Martin.” It shocked me, made me think for days after seeing it, and had me laughing to the point of tears.

  2. I second Chip on “Observe and Report”– I loved it, and thought it was brilliant on many different levels, as comedy, as social commentary, as a deeply disturbing yet somehow rousing character study of a psychotic. But I also loved “Me and Orson Welles,” the new Richard Linklater movie. That one snuck up on me.

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