3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Allah

  1. Thanks, Sister Wolf. Although perhaps Allah’s henchmen will soon have a smaller fish to fry. I just received a letter from L.A. Rollins where he explains that he is in the process of expanding his “Open Letter” into a book-length animadversion.
    He also writes:
    “Just to let you know, I’ve sent letters to three embassies of Islamic nations: Pakistan, Sudan, and Iran. (Actually, Iran has an ‘Interests Section’ in lieu of an embassy.)
    I’ve told them about the impending publication of The Myth of Natural Rights and Other Essays. And I’ve told them about “An Open Letter to Allah,” — that it insults Allah, the Koran, and Muhammad (piss be upon him). Maybe I can get some Muslims out rioting about the book and generate some free publicity.
    Anyway, watch out if you notice any strange guys wearing turbans.”

  2. The problem here is that it gets personal.
    I prefer a more global approach:
    The life philosophy expressed as
    There is an atheist saying, that we simply believe in one fewer god than the next person. That is to say, a member of any of the monotheistic religions doesn’t believe in tens of thousands of deities held at one time or another by others. But they believe in their own. Atheists don’t believe in those tens of thousands of deities either. As well as that last single one.
    While I share your sense that Allah/the Koran is all a bunch of cruel silly small-minded nonsense, a boys’ club whose criterion for entry is that you believe absurdities, or pretend to, I don’t see it as any more silly, pissy, dangerous, or dumb than the Church of the Walking Cannibal Zombie (christianity), or the Church of the Pissed-Off Goat-Farmer Sky God (Judaism), or the Church of the Reptoid Body Thetans (Scientology), or the Church of Our Own Ego (Unitarians), or the Church of Westward Ho (LDS)…and so on, and so forth.
    I also like that bumper sticker that says, “If you don’t want me to laugh at your beliefs, less silly beliefs.”

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