Shocked, Shocked, SHOCKED…

The third part in my series on the Bell Curve bugaboo should be up in a day or two, but if you suspect I’ve been wasting my energy in focusing on Jim Naureckas’s relatively inconsequential smear job for Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, you might want to read up on the ongoing efforts of another self-described media monitoring group to publicly chastise NBC News for having the brazen audacity to air a segment — about Hollywood, no less — featuring a 15 second clip of The American Conservative‘s house film critic, Steve Sailer, without disclosing said Sailer’s unspeakably nefarious links to the usual SPLC-fingered purveyors of thoughtcrime. 

It’s the same pathetic neo-McCarthyite MO as that favored by Naureckas and kin: trot out the gallery of "racist" rogues, play up the tangential associations, and proceed to tarnish anyone who deigns to provide a forum for the persona non grata in the cross-hairs.  The article even mentions the Pioneer Fund, for fuck’s sake.  And David Irving, naturally.  It’s like déjà vu all over again.   

For his part, Sailer seems to be taking whole affair with his usual good humor, speculating along the way about some curious intersections between his career and that of Media Matters CEO, David Brock, who I pegged as a shameless apparatchik hack long before he was Blinded by the Right

Stay tuned.