Mikita Brottman Appearing at Atomic Books – Saturday, September 1

13 Girls/Zombie

Mikita Brottman will be appearing at Atomic Books in Baltimore on Saturday, September 1, 2012, to discuss and sign copies of Thirteen Girls, which was just released by Nine-Banded Books. She will share the spotlight with J.R. Angelella, author of Zombie: A Novel. I'll be there, too. The event kicks off at 7pm. If you're in the neighborhood please try to attend.

The Facebook page for the event is here.

The Atomic Books calendar is here.

My interview with Mikita Brottman is here.

A promo-sheet for Thirteen Girls may be downloaded here.

Copies of Thirteen Girls are currently available from Amazon, Quimby's Bookstore, Atomic Books, or directly from the publisher.

And here is the homepage of J.R. Angelella.

 Memento mori.

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