Now Accepting Advance Orders for Mikita Brottman’s THIRTEEN GIRLS

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This is a reminder that Nine-Banded Books (i.e., me) is now accepting advance orders for Mikita Brottman's Thirteen Girls. I think it's a helluva read, but if you don't trust my bias-assed opinion, maybe you'll perk up to the words of one of the greatest true crime writers of all time, who sezzzz:

A baker’s dozen of harrowing, often heartbreaking, stories—each based on a notorious real-life murder case and told in a different, utterly compelling voice—Thirteen Girls manages the improbable feat of conjuring up the full horror and emotional devastation of serial homicide by focusing exclusively on the aftermath of the crimes and those left to deal with the consequences: family members, police officers, witnesses, survivors.  Known for her brilliant, provocative cultural criticism, Mikita Brottman has produced a stunning work of crime fiction—a genuine tour de force.

—Harold Schechter, Author of The Serial Killer Files

Srsly, it's a good book. And I could use your money.

Click here to read my interview with Mikita Brottman.

Click here to order the book through Amazon.

Click here to learn more about Mikita and her kickass body of work.

Click here to learn more about Harold Schechter's pioneering studies of the crime of culture and the culture of crime, fiction and non.

Please also note that Mikita will be at Atomic Books in Baltimore on the evening of September 1, 2012, to discuss her work and sign copies of Thirteen Girls. Sharing the stage will be the guy who wrote this book. I'll be there, too, if anyone in the vicinity wants to drop in and say hello. I am advised that drinks and assorted cheeses may be on offer, and I will post the formal announement as soon as it's calandered on the Atomic clock.

Tell two friends, fuckers. Because Amway is more than a Company: It's a Community!

Memento mori.

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