Channel Surf

Time for a brief tour of the Hogosphere in moving pictures and sine waves. Cut to the chase.

  • Nine-Banded Books author (and auxiliary staffer) ANN STERZINGER reads from her excellent (unpublished) science fiction novel LYFE at Bucket O' Blood books in Chicago. Unfortunately, her subsequent reading from NVSQVAM (nowhere) didn't make the cut.
  • "Here's to Cheating, Fighting, Stealing and Drinking!" It's a short segment from KEVIN SLAUGHTER's recent lecture, "The Great Satan," presented before the Secular Student Alliance at Wayne State University in Detroit.  In addition to being an outstanding book design artist (the Chip Kidd of the underground™), Kevin is a priest with the ever-misunderstood Church of Satan. Some background here.
  • "The Epicurean Atheist" reads  (at copyright-flouting length) from JONATHAN BOWDEN's Mad. Could have done without the fake British accent, but at least he cops to it. (Note: Nine-Banded Books has signed to re-publish Bowden's long-out-of-print book, Sade, hopefully in late 2012.)
  • Finally, here's TITO PERDUE waxing heretical with Tom Sunic. Watergate does not bother him. Does your conscience bother you? (Order your copy of The Node here.) 

The harlidays are upon us, and Nine-Banded Books make GREAT GIFTS!

Memento mori.

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