If you live nearabouts the great city of Chicago, be sure to visit  Bucket O' Blood Books and Records on Thursday, November 3rd, when Nine-Banded Books author Ann Sterzinger will read from her novel NVSQVAM (nowhere). The book party begins at 7:30 pm, so get there early and stay late. There might even be wine and cheese.

Bucket O' Blood (which sounds like a very cool shop) is located in the Logan Square neighborhood at 2307 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Also, this happened.

Memento mori.

3 thoughts on “Bucket O’ NVSQVAM

  1. I’ll try to be there.
    I was going to object to Marc Ruvolo with the pedantic point that Black Sabbath formed in 1968, but apparently they didn’t change their name from “Earth” until 1969 or release any recordings until 1970.

  2. Thanks, Andy! And thanks for coming, TGGP! Nice to meet you. Like I said, I had no idea you lived in town. Wish we could have talked more but it was one of those events where I had to talk to everyone because everyone who came pretty much knew me already. We should get a beer or a coffee or something sometime though.
    And thanks for the announcement, Chip. I wrote a post-show thingamabob on me blog just now.

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