Sorry for the interruption…

Not that there's been much going on in Hogville of late, but it seems that malevolent widget-gremlins were causing my url to redirect to a useless Blogbar page. My thanks to the few of you who brought the glitch to my attention. It's probably long past time I moved this dusty old file cabinet over  to WordPress anyway. I'll look into it.

Irregular posting will resume later this weekend. Indeed, there's a bit of news to share.

Memento mori.

2 thoughts on “Sorry for the interruption…

  1. Flipper, baby, yeah.
    Glad to hear you’re switching to wordpress. Hopefully Anonymous recently decided to move his (long inactive) blog off typepad. But he didn’t put much thought into it and chose blogspot. The blogger software (from my perspective as someone who uses sites rather than editing them) seems to have gotten worse over time, with content length restrictions and common failure to post comments. The search function isn’t as good as wordpress’ either.

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