Nine-Banded News (updated on 11/27/09)


For those of you who like what we're doing at Nine-Banded Books, here are Amazon placeholders for the next few releases:

There are more in the offing, but these are on the front burner. Bookmark them and check back for new content.

I'm also in the process of adding a few stock titles to the 9BB storefront, just to jazz things up. In addition to the current lot of dillo-branded collectors items, you can now order the Dil Pickle Press edition of Ragnar Redbeard's social Darwinist classic, Might is Right, along with Peter Sotos' fine book, Selfish, Little: The Annotated Lesley Ann Downey. And Bradley Smith's scintillating intellectual memoir, Break His Bones, is still available for the low, low price of $4 postpaid. Order with confidence. If you don't trust PayPal, you can always print this old-fashioned form. Sorry, no CODs.

Although I'm currently focused on editing and probably won't be posting here very often (not that I've ever posted all that frequently), a few good people have stepped up to keep things a-chug. Playing off my musings on "Heterodocs," Hoover Hog guest posts will be devoted to select  documentary films that explore or advance unorthodox ideas. Should be interesting. Stay tuned, I suppose.

Memento mori.

6 thoughts on “Nine-Banded News (updated on 11/27/09)

  1. Well, I’m almost sorry I read this because the reviewer’s take conforms to my preconceptions. Alas, “Precious” has yet to open in my corner of hicksville. When it does, I plan to see it on a double-bill with “2012.” Variations on a theme.

  2. Question: Will the new edition of Crowell’s work contain fresh material, not otherwise known by Crowell?
    Indeed, is he a part of this new edition, or are others revamping his work?

  3. Will,
    Yes, there will be substantial new material — revisions to “Sherlock” and “Birkenau,” as well as a new introduction and closing essay, all written by SC. It’s Crowell’s book, and he’s on the job.

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