Hogospheric Debris


Larry Arnhart collects his thoughts on
incest and Darwinian morality.

Sister Y wonders whether high IQ is a treatable medical condition. Inductivist provides some relevant data.

Alan Dawrst keeps working on the
hard problem.

Jack Malebranche adds his voice to Welmer's new (and excellent) anti-feminist salon, The Spearhead.

Denierbud muses on postmodernism.

David Benatar refuses to play games.

Liberal Biorealist lays the groundwork for post-Bell Curve leftism.

Andy Nowicki implicates the viewer.

Richard Hoste proffers a qualified defense of America's greatest living performance artist.

Free The Heretical Two!

4 thoughts on “Hogospheric Debris

  1. Wow, Mudhoney, what a blast from the past. Not the early 90s of course, I would have been too young then. But a flashback to when I first got a file-stealing program (Bearshare, I believe) and got to listen to stuff that the allmusic people talked about but never got played on the radio.

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