Something to do with one’s mind


Over at The Tablet, Mark Oppenheimer has posted a thoughtful, in-depth profile of Bradley Smith and Mark Weber. The article is filed in four parts. Here are links to each:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Though Oppenheimer remains dismissive of the substance of revisionist argument and clings to a number of rehearsed assumptions about the nature of the project, his treatment of both men is refreshingly human and full of surprises. A few passages made me chuckle.

Bradley's book, The Man Who Saw His Own Liver, is available from Amazon and Nine-Banded Books.

Memento mori.

06/30/09 UPDATE:  Bradley's first response is here. He asks a question, and reminds us that Oppenheimer's series is actually preceded by a separate article.

One thought on “Something to do with one’s mind

  1. By the end of Oppenheimer’s series I had become more sympathetic to Weber and less to Smith, which runs counter to my natural confirmation bias.

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