Nine-Banded Bleg

5/14/09 UPDATE – I have a guy. All systems are go.

Next week will see the release of the third Nine-Banded book, Mad, by Jonathan Bowden. I am very proud to bring this remarkable text back to life, and I hope and expect that loyal Hog readers will order copies for the grandparents and neighbors. In addition to Bowden's long-forgotten Stirnerite belle lettres, 9BB has a number of interesting books in the offing, including works by Andy Nowicki, Ann Sterzinger, Jim Crawford, and a new anthology of writings by  Bradley Smith, author of  The Man Who Saw His Own Liver. It's all part of a Five Year Plan.

But I need help. More specifically, the 9BB site needs help. It needs a makeover. If you do web design work — or if you know someone who does — please consider contacting me privately at chipsmith55 at gmail (there's also a contact link below my mugshot on this page). I have a very clean and simple re-design concept for a storefront and I am amenable to creative suggestions. I'd do it myself were it not for the fact that I am an idiot. I'd ask my go-to tech guy, were it not for the fact he's too busy with life and work and school. So then, I'm counting on you.  I can pay, but not much.

Memento mori.

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  1. Unrelated question, Chip:
    What draws you to Roissy in regard to the issue of “recreationl thoughtcrime”. What do you see as his appeal?

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