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Of course, I'm feeling guilty over the prolonged absence. I've been chipping at several offline projects (here's one teaser), but I expect to have some new interviews posted here relatively soon  (Jack Malebranche is next in  queue).  I'm also working — fitfully — on  some other substantive Hog essays, including a drearily serious follow-up to my post on  Michel Epstein, and a rather (perhaps regrettably) personal disquisition centering on pornography and the Max Hardcore obscenity case. It's going to get ugly, I promise.

For the moment, I offer yet another assemblage of news and entertainment linkage for the discriminating thought criminal. Fueled in part by dyspeptic nostalgia, I've tried to mine a bit deeper than the usual contemporania allows.  I hope you'll find something worth hating.


  • Everyone's favorite paleo-libertarian pet gay, Justin Raimondo, proffers his dissent on the sexy subject of  same-sex marriage. I'm sure I disagree, even if I can't remember why.
  • Fuck Roger Devlin and Roissy; if you want a dose of old-school andro-centric heterodoxy, check out the shoulder-chipped performance art of  a long-haired litigious femmie-baiting agitator named Male Fight, er, I mean, Mel Feit — indefatigable director of The National Center for Men. This truncated 1989 Interview is a good place to start, but see if you can track down some clips of his classic appearances on Donahue and Sally Jessy back in the day. He would always show up on fire, and wearing a dress. Here's a recent clip where he's griping — quite rightly, say I — about baby dick snipping.     
  • It seems that Dan Geinster's "Nihilist Archive" has disappeared into the void. Is this ironic? It doesn't matter. Nothing matters. Why? Because we have the Wayback machine, of course. I still get stuck on this one.

Memento mori.

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