Gore Vidal’s “Departure Lounge of Life”

From Robert Chalmer’s interview in The Independent:

"But you’re convinced that, to put it crudely, when you die, that’s
it." "No," Vidal replies. "I wouldn’t say: ‘When you die, that’s it.’
I’d say: ‘When you’re born, that’s it.’"

UPDATE: From the 06/15 NYT Magazine:

Are you a supporter of gay marriage? I know nothing about it. I don’t follow that.

Why doesn’t it interest you? The same reason heterosexual marriage doesn’t seem to interest me.

If we look at the situation apart from you — It’s my interview, so we’ve got to stay with me.

Memento mori.

2 thoughts on “Gore Vidal’s “Departure Lounge of Life”

  1. Vidal seems in some ways a rather nasty piece of work (his comments about Buckley, R.I.P., weren’t very decent at all), but then again I’m all for clever bon mots and grumpy, anti-social misanthropy– very amusing…

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