Random Rules IV

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  • 4/22/08 Update: Jim Crawford, host of the essential Antinatalism blogkicks off a series of posts in which he promises to provide chapter-by-chapter commentary on David Benatar’s maligned and misunderstood monograph, Better Never to Have Been.  If you have more than a passing interest in the multi-fanged case against breeding, you should know that Jim is also contributing several essays for the Hog-edited anthology, Against Life, Against Death, which will be released by Nine-Banded Books in 2009.         
  • Via Hit & Run comes news that John Stagliano, director of the seriously great (if unheralded) confessional documentary, Buttman Confidential, is being prosecuted for obscenity. You can follow the press links here, and you can contribute to his defense here.

Memento mori.

5 thoughts on “Random Rules IV

  1. TGGP,
    I’m on the case, actually. You might want to do some research your own self. When “fictional acts” make young girls vomit and bleed and cry, the First Amendment tongue-clucking has dim resonance, however necessary it may remain. There’s a shade of confession missing from these safely distanced legalistic apologies that a buyer’s market understands in guarded privacy.

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