The Myth of Natural Rights and Other Essays

The kittens are restive, so I thought I’d go ahead and announce that Nine-Banded Books will soon release The Myth of Natural Rights and Other Essays, a meaty collection of shibboleth-smashing performance pieces by the reclusive libertarian iconoclast, L.A. Rollins.   

Originally published by Loompanics Unlimited in 1983, the central
monograph is a two-fisted display of lib-targeted philosophical shit-stirring that holds up
well after 25 years. In its previous incarnation, The Myth provoked a fair amount of measured praise along with entertaining fits of blustery outrage among libertarian stalwarts and natural law votaries, with much of the tooth-gnashing playing out in the pages of the  Sam Konkin’s old New Libertarian magazine. Rollins’ thesis also famously prompted movement luminary Murray Rothbard to pen a delightfully
truculent head-in-the-sand essay enjoining "The Duty of Natural Outlaws to
Shut Up," and it inspired Robert Anton Wilson to publish a lively book-length companion essay entitled Natural Law: Or Don’t Put a Rubber on Your Willy.   

The Nine-Banded reprint will be padded with scads of  new material, including a duo of essays outlining Mr. Rollins’ stigma-courting zetetic stance on
Holocaust revisionism as well as a salubrious sampling of new and old satirical spleen in the spirit of Lucifer’s Lexicon.  The post-paleo-libertarian-Stirnerite, TGGP, has also written a razor-sharp intro that brings the project into contemporary perspective while succinctly underscoring the timeless relevance of  Saint Max. It’s going to be a cool book, kids.  We’re still dressing things up, but one way or another, I expect to have The Myth
to press by June, and I’ll be sure post more detailed information here and at the 9BB site as the project develops.

Memento mori.