Gary Brecher and the Redemption of Soft Skull

Soft Skull lost major Hog points when they republished  unrepentant antigunner Michael Bellesiles’s Arming America, but even with this shamelessly shoddy, obsessively discredited pseudohistorical screed staining their catalog, those metrohipster pinkos now stand partially redeemed. From the blogging dynamo — and soon-to-be Nine-Banded Books contributor — TGGP comes news that  the doyennes of indie-publishing will soon be releasing the first anthology of writings by the great "Gary Brecher" aka "The War Nerd" — whoever he is. Can’t help wondering if the inexplicably hiatused  eXile staffer, John Dolan, may have penned an introduction.

In less conspicuous indie-press news, Nine-Banded Books is pleased to announce that Bradley Smith’s The Man Who Saw His Own Liver is at last off the press and in stock.  Intrepid bibliophiles can order copies through 9BB or Amazon, or you can always contact me for an autographed copy.  Our next title is tentatively slated for release in May.  I hope to have a formal announcement up in the next week or so.         

(My all time favorite War Nerd columns, by the way, are here and here.)

Memento mori.