Charles Manson isn’t doing interviews, but the expat scene in the Czech Republic is worth watching. Having put the Prague Literary Review to rest, editors Travis Jeppesen and Joshua Cohen recently announced the launch of BLATT, a bi-annual journal that will explore the dark and dodgy permutations of contemporary arts and letters. 

Their press release throws the gauntlet down:

We hope to be an engine for those interested in challenging dominant modes of perception, be it in the realm of letters or in visual mediums, or some cross-over between the two. We’re interested in artists, writers, thinkers, madmen, skeptics, and skydivers who are creating their own languages, carving out their own systematic approaches to the world that have nothing to do with anything else going on today. We want to be a forum for the voiceless, those who, by dint of artificial barriers such as language or purity of vision, don’t fit in with any current trends or cultural definitions. We’re into challenging preconceived notions of good and evil. We’re young, angry, horny, and persistent. We’re fighting a war against the mediocrity that surrounds us. We’re here to fuck shit up.

I’m not sure where I fit in the mix, but my review-essay on the work of cult author Peter Sotos is slated to appear in the premiere issue. Keep checking the BLATT website for updates.